Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Basic Fantasy is up!

I am just waiting on an approved copy of Swords & Wizardry now.

To do list:

  • I want to look for some flash drives on the cheap as a potential medium.
  • Get a Banner and Logo created and up for recognition.
  • Start getting the word out.
I am looking for suggestions on more games too.

What needs to be here?  Sci-Fi? Kids game?  You tell me!


  1. I really like exclamation marks!! ;)

    Sorry. Just excited about this project.

  2. V4 of the S&W Core (not complete) isn't free?

  3. IT is, but I am also seek permission as a re-distributor, which is a different thing all together.

  4. Searchers of the Unknown, Old School Hack, Warrior Rogue & Mage,