Monday, June 3, 2013

Updates & Why CD-ROM??

Permissions are being sought now.

I do want to focus though on one point of the design.

Why CD-ROMs?
Yes, CDs are "old" tech. But they can also be loaded with html, images and pdfs and given away for cheap.  If I find a place to get cheap Flash drives I would use those as well.
I would make the zip file of the distribution up to allow anyone to make their own disks.  Not ISO files, but just a zip file of folders.
The idea here is to be easy, easy, easy.  And cheap.
I have no problem buying a spindle of a couple hundred CDs and burning them as needed when playing a demo.

BUT if you all have other ideas please let me know!


  1. Love this whole concept. I may someday have some retro-game PDFs of my own to offer, but not just yet.

    There have been quite a few RPG PDFs released under Creative Commons. I'd think most of those wouldn't require seeking explicit permissions.

    One worry about CD-ROMs is that fewer people may have access to drives these days. Pads/tablets don't usually have room for them, right? I wonder if even the fraction of laptops being sold with CD-ROM drives is on a slow decline.

    Flash drives are probably the way of the future. If you keep the total size of the files below 1 or 2 GB, bulk costs are probably getting down to CD-ROM spindle levels.

  2. I agree that flash drives are "the future" but for right now, if I was to go to my FLGS to run something, it would be much easier for me to burn, say, 10 CD-ROMs and bring those with me to give away than to put stuff on 10 flash drives. (I guess I'd bring a single flash drive as well for people to hand around and copy the folder off of.) In any case, if the "format" is a ZIP archive, then the media doesn't matter one bit, so if you have plenty of flash drives lying around, use them. :-)